Pets go Trick or Treating

October 21st, 2006

These pets are ready for this Halloween, whether they like it or not!ย  Check out these hilarious and clever pet costumes:

image0012.jpg image0021.jpg image0031.jpg image0042.jpg image0053.jpg image0063.jpg image0072.jpg image0082.jpg image0091.jpg image0101.jpg image011.jpg image012.jpg image013.jpg image014.jpg image015.jpg image016.jpg image017.jpg image018.jpg image019.jpg image020.jpg image021.jpg image022.jpg image023.jpg image024.jpg image025.jpg image030.jpg image029.jpg image028.jpg image027.jpg image026.jpg

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Happy Halloween!

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From Freeple Scott on Oct 21st, 2006 at 11:19am
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